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Mudcrab Historic Rifle Shoot

The Mudcrab Historic Rifle Shoot aims to connect shooters with history through a fun, open class, shooting contest for rifles from the past. Contestants will try their luck with open sighted rifles from history made before 1955 that saw use in major military actions like Korea, World War II, and World War I.
The shoot will take place at 5:00 PM on Saturday, June 25th
Participants will provide their own rifles or have the opportunity to rent Mudcrab Rifles. A LIMITED AMOUNT of walk-on shooters may rent Mudcrab Rifles for the price of ammo set by the range. Rifles used must be a vintage military rifle made before 1955 in safe working order.
Replicas of antique firearms made before 1900 will also be allowed.
Rifles must be their original configuration. Sporterizations are not allowed.
Rifles must be used in an open sight configuration. No optics are allowed

Example rifles: Mosin Nagant, M1903 Springfield, Arisaka, Mauser, Enfield

Shooters are timed.
10 targets out to 500 yards.
20 shots in 5 minutes, 2 shots per target.
You may pre-load magazines.
You may use a spotter.
You may fire from the standing, sitting (with support), or prone (with support) position.
Shooters get up to 4 practice shots to familiarize themselves with their rifle on non-competition targets.
Rifle Owners shoot first, rental rifles shoot last.

Mudcrab Golden Ticket (First Place)
Mudcrab Airsoft or Paintball Season Passes (Second Place)
“Top Gun” Mugs (Top shooters in each era of rifle)
Best Dressed Prize
Additional prizes and trophies provided by OFASTS.
Firearms related prizes from local sponsors.

All participants must REGISTER using the above link and sign an OFASTS Waiver (link in side menu). All shooters MUST check-in during the event to get their armband.
**Shooting times will be assigned by OFASTS Staff, they will contact you with further information.

Event Information

Event Date 06-25-2022 6:00 pm
Event End Date 06-25-2022 7:00 pm
Individual Price $48.20 Per shooter w/o rental
Location OFASTS Location
Categories Shooting Events

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