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Gunsmith & Refinishing Services

Custom Build Announcement:

At this time Firing Line will not be accepting any new builds for at least 90 days.
Event season has begun & we aim to provide the best experience for all of our customers.

We are proud to offer Gunsmithing, Refinishing, Conversion & Custom Build Services.

Call 918-666-2788 or Email Us to visit about your gun smithing or custom work.

Rifle Builds

Rifle Builds

Standard Rifle Build $400.00

RPK Rifle Build $425.00

Krink Build  $400.00
(Rifle or Pistol, with Receiver cut for stock)

Krink Build  $650.00
(without Receiver cut for stock)

Underfold or Sidefold Rifle Build  $400.00
(with Receiver cut for stock)

Czech AK  VZ-58 Build       $550.00

Demill parts kit/gun  $75.00
(with complete build)

Install Scope Mount  $75.00
(with complete build)



We Service & Repair Any Military Style Rifle.

Barrel and Headspace $275.00

Install Scope mount $75.00

Trade out front sight and gas block  $200.00

Machine slot milled receiver & install sling mount  $75.00

Thread barrel $50.00

(without removing front sight)

Thread barrel  $250.00
(removing front sight)

Thread barrel for suppressor $300.00
(includes barrel removal)



The price of refinishing can vary greatly, if you don't see what you need Contact Us!

Refinish Receiver Only  $100.00

Refinish Entire Rifle  $275.00
(DuraCoat or Cerakote)

Spot Refinish  $100.00

*These prices do not include the cost of the MLS99 receiver or demilling your parts kit/gun for a build.

Firing Line is proud to be one of the Preferred Gunsmiths by KREBS Custom.


Ready to start your
Custom Build?

If you would like Firing Line to perform any of the above listed services, please fill out our build sheet.

Looking for a Custom Build?Here is some information that may help!

Why Purchase a Custom Build by the Firing Line?

Reputation for Excellence, Quality, and a One of Kind Build!

I Have My Own Parts, Is That Ok?

You own a Parts Kit? Own a Receiver? Need a build? We can work with that! Contact Us Today!

What Parts Kits Do You Build?

Chinese, Bulgarian, Russian, German, Yugo, Polish, or Romanian.

How Does a Custom Build Save Me Time & Money?

Purchasing a Rifle with plans to upgrade or customize - leaves you with extra parts, often extra shipping cost, you receive top quality parts and excellent craftsmanship!

What Receiver Styles Do You Offer?

Milled P&P Standard, Milled P&P Underfold, Milled Threaded Standard, Hungarian Stamped, Milled Threaded Underfold, 5.56 Milled Pistol Receivers.

Fact 1:

Always send your firearms to a reputable gunsmith - get problems solved the first time!

Fact 2:

Firing Line offers Quality Craftsmanship!

Fact 3:

Firing Line offers Custom Gunsmithing!

How Are MLS99 Receivers Manufactured?

Receivers manufactured by Firing Line are from 4130 or 4140 billet material. (Others are manufactured from castings or investment castings, which is not as strong of a product).

How Are MLS99 Receivers Treated?

Receivers are fully heat treated not spot heat treated.

Why Buy A MLS99?

When purchasing a Firing Line MLS99 AK Style Receiver - you are buying the best on the market.

Can I Use Factory Parts with the MLS99 Receiver?

Firing Line MLS99 Receivers accept all factory stocks and parts.

Where is the MLS99 Made?

Firing Line MLS99 Receivers are made in the U.S.A.

Is the Action Smooth?

Rifles built on MLS99 Receivers have the smoothest action in the industry!

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