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A variety to choose from:  Standard, Underfold, Sidefold, Stamped, Milled & Threaded.

NFA Items

NFA Items

NFA Weapons that require ATF approval:
Short Barreled Rifles & Machine Guns


Our creation made in America:
Combat Tactical Modular Rifle.


Sporting & Hunting

Parts & Parts Kits

Parts & Parts Kits

Parts Kits, Gun Parts, magazines, pouches and more!


These pistols make for a great compact package.


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about our MLS99 Receiver.

How Are MLS99 Receivers Manufactured?

Receivers manufactured by Firing Line are from 4130 or 4140 billet material which is superior as compared to others that are casted or investment casted.

How Are MLS99 Receivers Treated?
Why Buy A MLS99?
Can I Use Factory Parts with the MLS99 Receiver?
Where is the MLS99 Made?
Is the Action Smooth?

Upcoming Events

Oklahoma Full Auto Shoot & Trade Show

Date: June 27-28, 2020
Location: Wyandotte, OK

Admission: $15 1-Day Package includes Entry & Coupon Book. $25 2-Day Package includes Entry, Coupon Book & $5 Off T-Shirt Purchase. Over 900 feet of machine guns. Helicoper rides & Gunnery Course. Sniper Shoot & Kill The Car. Night Shoot with Tracers.  Family Event – Everyone Welcome!

Wanenmacher's Tulsa Arms Show

Date: November 8-10, 2019
Location: Tulsa, OK

Look us up at Booth 24B 6-9. Premiering the CTMR, MLS99 Receiver, AK’s, AR’s, Single Action, 22 Rifles, Handguns: RUGER – GLOCK – S&W – SIG SAUER. This is the show you have been waiting for. We have the largest selection and the best prices! If you miss this show, you will regret it. Make your plans now. Tell your friends. Bring your kids and have a great time.

Tri State Full Auto Shoot & Trade Show

Date: September 21 - 22, 2019
Location: Beaver County, OK

Two day of fully automatic family fun! Admission $15/day or $25/both days. Kids 10 & under are Free! Rent fully automatic machine guns from WWI to present day. Take to the air in a former SWAT team helicoper and navigate the aerial gunnery course or take a scenic tour. Preregister for the competition Sniper Shoot on Saturday. Take aim and Kill the Runaway Car both days! Light up the night sky with tracer rounds and more Saturday night during the Night Shoot!
2 miles West of Bryan's Corner, Oklahoma on OK-3


Firing Line Custom Build AK on a MLS99 Receiver

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